Our 7-Step Process

As you can see below, we have outlined our ‘7-Step Process‘  that we use to ensure each and every client gets top notch, professional wealth management service from our staff from start to finish.

We believe that you’ll not only enjoy this process, but you will feel a real sense of confidence and accomplishment.

If you have a minimum of $50,000 in assets to invest, please call our office for a confidential consultation at 614.442.6650.

If a meeting is scheduled, we will forward to you a data-gathering package including our confidential Prospective Client Questionnaire to complete prior to our initial meeting with you.

Step 1: Obtain an Information Kit

Before our first meeting, we’ll send you our free, no obligation Prospective Client Questionaire (“PCQ”) as the first step toward making smart choices with your financial future. You can complete it at your leisure and in your own private setting.

Step 2: First Meeting – Mutual Discovery

Once you have completed your “PCQ”, we will schedule our initial meeting we call the ‘Mutual Discovery’ session. This will usually last approximately 60 minutes and can be conducted on the phone or in person. This is a valuable opportunity to speak with us from the comfort of your own home or in our office and we promise that you will receive helpful feedback on how to best proceed for your particular situation.

Please have copies of the documents we have requested in addition to your completed Prospective Client Questionnaire and plan on leaving these documents with us. All of your information is held in the strictest confidence. There is no charge and no obligation for this meeting.

Step 3: Clarification and Plan Preparation

Based on the information you’ve provided in the “PCQ” and the information we’ve gathered during our ‘Mutual Discovery’ session, we will then send you a reiteration letter/e-mail to summarize and clarify what we have heard you say. We do this because we never want to assume anything. We want to know that we have heard you correctly and understand your needs the first time! Once you have received this letter, we will schedule our next meeting with you.

Step 4: Second Meeting – Plan Review Meeting

At this meeting, we will review the ‘Reiteration Letter’ with you and address any specific questions that you may have at this time.

Our recommendations will outline the scope of work we feel is necessary to support your financial goals, along with our fee for services. Again, there is no charge or obligation for this meeting.

Step 5: Plan Implementation

During Step 4, if you decide you want to implement the plan we have prepared specifically for you, we will again explain our fee structure, ask you to sign applicable financial agreement documents to get started.

Selecting and implementing a financial plan is all about YOU!

Similar to how a travel agent will help you compare costs, benefits and disadvantages of your travel choices, we will compare costs, benefits and disadvantages of your financial choices at this time. With the guidance of our advisors, you’ll be better equipped to make sound decisions based on the items that are important you.

At this point, we will use our resources to prepare an appropriate plan that fits your needs.

In most instances, we typically complete your plan within 30 days of signing the financial agreement documentation.

Step 6: Live Your Life!

Once our relationship begins and your plan has been implemented, we are hopeful that you will feel that with the knowledge that you have made one of the best financial decisions of your life!

At this point, all we ask is that you live your life to the fullest.

Step 7: Review and Re-balance

Depending on your preference, we’ll schedule periodic meetings with you to discuss your on-going life circumstances and how they have changed since our last meeting as well as review the past performance of your plan and portfolio.

In tandem with your current needs and our wisdom regarding wealth management and current market conditions, we’ll recommend to either keep your plan as is or to make recommendations to rebalance your portfolio based on listening to you and understanding your current and future needs. In either instance, the final decision on whether to keep your portfolio the same or to make changes will be yours and yours alone.


We feel that by outlining this 7-step process, our clients will be well prepared for what they will encounter when they choose to do business with us.

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